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perfoSTRATEGIK – for the development and monitoring of your strategic plan or action plan

Whether you need to elaborate your strategic plan yourself or it was developed by a consultant, this tool allows you to ensure the plan is well structured and helps you implement it. For a reminder on the basics of strategic plan development, click here


Here are a few features of this tool:

On a technical level

  • Portal entirely web-based
  • No installation required
  • Automated user profile creation once roles are assigned
  • Tool access is restricted according to role

On a strategic level

The tool helps elaborate the strategic plan by defining the objectives and resources. It manages the assignment of stakeholders, allows for monitoring of objectives, resources, milestones, and deadlines, and sends notifications by email. Several types of users can access it simultaneously. A task manager and dashboards provide an overview of strategic plan achievement and indicator progress.

The tool allows you consider the different functions in the organization. It also generates a GANTT diagram and the plan can be exported to Excel.


Surveys – for your employees, your clients, your distributors…

Surveys with integrated reporting tool. From the simple survey to the survey portal. Simple procedure to complex procedure.

Human Resources:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee engagement level
  • Reasons employees are leaving
  • Internal client satisfaction
  • Inter-departmental satisfaction
  • Immediate supervisor evaluation
  • Measure the difference in perception between supervisors and employees
  • Measure the difference in perception between employees and customers
  • Surveys to measure strategic plan indicators


We have several survey bases to meet different needs. We can also digitize and bonify your existing surveys.

  • Surveys to measure strategic plan indicators 
  • Surveys for your partners 
  • Participants at seminars, conventions, conferences, activities 

Portal to manage your surveys with integrated reporting tool:

Your organization needs to perform various types of surveys periodically. In order to maintain control of the content and quality of the the surveys, it becomes imperative that you equip yourself with a survey platform adapted to your needs. You will then be able to generate surveys and reports that cater to your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

To learn more about our surveys…


Custom management dashboards

Dashboards for all functions of the organization. Generated using data from various sources and procedures.

Technical part:

  • Used on the WEB (nothing to install on your systems)
  • Dashboards customized to each function of the organization (Finance, HR, Operations, Projects, Clients, Board of Admin., Employees...)
  • Personalized access management
  • In the form of services or installation
  • Alerts and results by email (for indicator tracking)
  • Adapts to the various systems you use

Strategic part:

  • Coaching for performance indicators
  • Subsidies possibly available

The dashboard system allows you to predict trends and measure your performance in the achievement of your objectives. You will receive results by email and will be informed if one of your indicators exceeds a threshold you have set. See the advantages of using our customized dashboard system


Custom management tools

Custom online value-added tool development, that allows you to pull the most from your data.

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