About us


A bit of history


When it was founded in 2002, Descormiers and Associates was a firm of consulting services and management tools. The concept of measuring, before, during, and after the work done by consultants, was an integral part of working with the clients.

Web-based surveys and management dashboards quickly became a must for our clients. The Descormiers and Associates tools were among the first to be offered as SaaS (Software as a Service).

The Descormiers and Associates team quickly became experts in the art of making numbers talk in order to facilitate decision-making in management. Over time, to respond to the needs of certain customers, other management tools were developed. Management portals (operations, surveys…) have been an integral part of the services offered by Descormiers and Associates for some years now.

The founder


Éric Descormiers is a born entrepreneur who founded his first company at the age of 17. He worked in private enterprise as well as the public sector (health and education) before becoming director of the first work site adapted for mental health in Quebec.

After a few years, the site's workforce was up to 120 employees in 2 factories. His experience as a manager made him notice the lack of decision-making tools. He therefore undertook a second Master's degree in business administration (MBA), the first being in education sciences. Once this degree was completed, he founded his 4th company, Descormiers and Associates Inc., which lead him to facilitate several training sessions on the following topics: strategic planning, performance indicators (KPI), and management dashboards.

Our approach

  • Our clients are our partners.
  • We aim for Win-Win situations.
  • Our goal is that the tool meet the specific needs of our client; that I.T. serve the managers.
  • Share your needs and we will ensure the tool meets them.
  • Tell us what information you need in order to make decisions, and we will make sure the tool provides it.